Hello and warm welcome to our website. My journey in the skincare industry started way back twenty five years ago in England. Coming from humble beginnings, my voyage was hard but inspired by simple aspirations to develop expertise in aesthetics and ambitious dream of opening my own laboratory and clinic in the Philippines. The extra ordinary will power to find a way and the support of family members, doctors, and friends enabled me to realize my dreams and more. Now, our products have started crossing borders and making a name in some parts of Asia, United States of America, and Europe.

For over 18 years , dS Diana Stalder Face, Body, and Skincare Inc, has been taking the leading role in providing face, body, and skincare products and services for clients regardless of gender, age, and economic status. The uncompromised commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, Economy, and Environment has been the foundation of who we are in the industry. We deliver this through a combination of competency building and values based relationship with our employees. To this end, we continue to invest in the most qualified employees to manage operations and deliver only the best for our customers. Every day, customer delight takes center stage at the heart of our service blueprint. We have nothing in mind but how to pleasure your senses and deliver the promise of a better and more beautiful you.

As we continue to raise the bar in delivering our promises, we have strengthened our global partnerships with Casmara Cosmetics, a leading European skincare company, and Ideal Protein weight loss program of France and Canada. I encourage you to experience the simplicity and specificity of Casmara 2 Steps System and the revolutionary way to lose weight safely the Ideal Protein way.

With joy and pride, I encourage you to try our gold standard signature face, body, and skincare products and services. My commitment to continually enhance our capabilities to ensure we remain at the forefront of the skincare industry is exclusively yours.

Dina Dela Paz Stalder
President & CEO