Medically develop effective weight loss program that will give you complete satisfaction. Achieve your Ideal Weight, flaunt those sexy curves and maintain that amazing result. Visit any of our Premier Branches for a one on one coaching and eliminate up to 7 pounds in just 1 Week!

What is Ideal Protein Diet?
Ideal Protein Diet is a program tailored fit to one’s specific weight issues. Whether you want to remove those excess pounds to bring back those sexy curves or to address the health risk of being overweight. Ideal Protein Diet can safely Burn off your Body Fat but retain your lean muscle tissue. It is the only Weight Loss Method that has 4 Phase Protocol that is based on Science. A medically developed method that has a Beginning a Middle and an End, targeting on the dieters main weight concern. Upon beginning until the end of your program you will have your personal weight loss coach to help you achieve your ideal weight and to support you in your battle of keeping it off.



On Phase One of the diet your journey of a whole new you will begin. Set your weight loss goals and start shedding off those excess pounds. Having you Ideal Protein 1 Week Meal Replacement Program with your Personal Coach to guide you in reaching your 80% weight goal is a breeze.

Phase Two resembles the phase one of your diet but with a little modification. In this phase you will have your 1 Week Meal Supplement with a twist, depending on your Phase One weight goal progress.

The Third Phase is the Rewarding Phase. Your personal coach will modify your diet the way you both agreed it to be. You can now feel and see so much difference on your weight and curves. Achieving your 100% weight goal can never be as rewarding when you do it one step at a time.

This is the Last Phase of your diet and the beginning of the healthier new you. This phase is the most critical stage wherein your coach will focus on teaching you how to stabilize your weight and post diet living. Giving you a concrete understanding on how to maintain your weight the way you want it to be and assist you in keeping the excess pounds off after dieting.

Ideal Protein diet don’t just give you a bunch of eating formula it offers a better understanding of how your body works.

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