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dS services and product that can be added to your desired treatment.

dS Add-ons

Specialized mask that help boost the effect of your facial treatment.

It strengthens the skin's protective barrier and protects against free radicals. For Intensive and long-lasting moisturization, balance and protection for your skin. It is recommended for treatment of the first signs of ageing.

It provides moisturization and oxygenates the skin. All skin type.

Restores the skin’s hydration balance. All skin types.

Stimulate cell regeneration, regenerating and soothing effect. Toning and balancing skin. This mask is especially recommended after peelings or exfoliating treatments.

It prevents the action of free radicals. Improves the elasticity of the skin. Stimulated sking, smoothed wrinkles. This mask is especially indicated for mixed, oily and acne skins with dilated pores.

Firming, restructuring and revitalizing effect. For a revitalized skin. All skin type.

GreenTea Mask has a great antioxidant power that prevents and diminishes cellular ageing. This mask is especially suitable for fatigued skins or skins that are damaged by external aggressions.

It removes impurities and provides intense moisturization. Purified and moisturized skin. Suitable for skins with dilated pores and acne.

Revitalizes the skin. Soothes and revitalizes the skin without irritations and full of vitality. This mask is especially indicated for sensitive and couperose skins.

Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate

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