Vitamins and minerals are a vital part of your body´s health, wellbeing and beauty. Its importance is widely recognised in the skincare industry: the most natural way to treat the signs of premature ageing is by keeping your skin full of life through intensive revitalizing.

The complete SKIN SENSATIONS Complex Vitamins & Minerals product line bases its high tech formula on providing a balanced supplement of these elements with innovative combinations giving improved absorption and, as a result, the skin is able to make a better use of them.

Skin Sensations: A daily infusion of vitamins and minerals without invasive procedure, without hassle, and without going out of your way! Give your skin added life and luminosity at home, at work, in the gym… the promise of a better and more beautiful you anywhere, all the time.

CASMARA treatments and take home products are available at Diana Stalder Premier Branches. Visit us and experience CASMARA today! Watch out for the launch of CASMARA CLUB!